حوزه فعالیت کارن ماشین

Karen Machine, the manufacturer and importer of all kinds of double-glazed glass machines and upvc doors and windows, is trying to play an effective role in the construction industry by focusing on the important and basic needs of the industry.
Considering the creation of new products as the main focus of its activities, Karen Machine has always tried to produce and supply products with the highest quality and up to global standards for presentation in the Iranian market and for global export.
Karen Machine Company intends to continue its growing trend by implementing the compiled programs and by focusing on the important and basic needs of the industry, it can play a more important role in the construction industry.
Over the years of its activity, this group has been able to gain a suitable and reliable position in the domestic and foreign markets with the support of its customers. This success is due above all to the good opinion and support of its customers and is indebted to them for this. Therefore, we are trying to use all our power to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

  • Among the production machines of this collection, the following devices can be mentioned:
  • Heat press machine (glass heat press machine): production of heat press machine in workshop and factory dimensions
  • Glass washing machine (glass washing machine): including glass washing machine with a width of 1200, glass washing machine with a width of 1800 and glass washing machine with a width of 2500, as well as an economic glass washing machine in dimensions of 1200 and 1600 and an economic washing machine of 2250
  • Argon gas injection machine (Argon gas injection machine): including single, double and four output argon gas injection machine
  • Upvc door and window machines: such as upvc bending machines, and many other devices…

Currently, the products produced in this collection are used and exploited in more than 1000 factories throughout our beloved country. Also, Karen Machine is proud to have succeeded in exporting its products to neighboring countries such as Turkey and Iraq.

Basic principles and values Basic principles and values

Darabi Investment Development Holding, with more than five decades of experience in the glass industry, now defines and regulates the limits of authority, description of duties and organizational communication channels by providing optimal services in order to improve the quality of the construction industry and in accordance with the 19th principle of the National Building Regulations. It strives to prevent the wastage of national funds and reduce costs and realize policies to optimize consumption and system dynamics in the minimum time and with the maximum quality of production, in the direction of achieving organizational excellence in the country.

Karen Machine intends to take a step in line with the company’s lofty goals while increasing the company’s power by relying on innovation, research and development, observing the all-round quality of products and services, and observing the principles of customer orientation, and making a small contribution to the upliftment of the industry. have a country

  • Compliance with laws, ethical standards and values governing the society and adherence to obligations
  • Commitment to comprehensive quality management for continuous improvement of products and services
  • Permanent link with loyal customers
  • Strategic alliance with reliable and capable suppliers
  • Permanent link with employees and human resources who are capable, honest, trustworthy, hardworking and committed to the company’s goals
  • Belief in motivation, teamwork and effective organizational partnerships
  • Continuous training and development of employees for creativity and continuous improvement
  • Following systematic management in order to improve the technical quality of the organization
  • Decision-making based on the review and scientific analysis of data and information

Karen Machine Group is trying to become one of the most reliable manufacturers of industrial machinery in Iran and the world by developing employees and continuously updating technical information in order to increase the quality of products and services and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the group.

We think about globalization…

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