تاریخچه کارن ماشین

Darabi Group started its activity in the field of construction, distribution and installation of construction, dark and decorative glass since 1353 under the name of Darabi Glass Industries with the aim of developing the construction industry and focusing on the principled use of capital in a vital and important field. Since 1385, in order to expand and modernize industries and create employment in Mazandaran province, this group expanded its activity by launching a production line of UPVC doors and windows and double-glazed windows.

  • Currently, Darabi Investment Development Holding consists of the following companies:
  • Sari Pan (manufacturer of UPVC doors and windows and double-glazed windows)
  • Karen Machinery (producer and importer of all kinds of double-glazed glass machines and UPVC doors and windows)
  • Caspian Tori Saz (producer of all kinds of rolling nets behind the window)
  • Campus Development Company (hotel, tourism, restaurant and tourism chain company)
  • Sinohe (the most specialized building of doctors in the north of the country) continues to operate.

Experienced engineers and specialists of the machine with the aim of producing and supplying the best in order to improve the quality of the construction industry and also in accordance with the 19th principle of the national construction regulations to prevent the loss of national funds, reduce costs and realize fuel consumption optimization policies with interest. Using the highest technology in the world, they proudly announce their readiness to cooperate in the field of production and installation of the latest devices and machines for double-glazed and multi-glazed glass, as well as machines for the production of upvc doors and windows.

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